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Full Scale Grand Illusions

Joey Hopper Illusions

The BIG STUFF! Perfect for those times when you need to knock those other events, fairs, festivals, and parties out of the water and leave them but a tattered remnant in your memory! These full scale stage productions generally run 30 min to an hour. Gasp in amazement at some of the most incredible feats of amazement ever devised as your taken on a HILARIOUS and awe inspiring journey of sensory overload! These acts features all the big stuff: Straitjackets, Chains, Ropes, Whips, Ladders, Stilts, People Disappearing! (Performances can be tailored to fit any venue, from Fairs and Festivals, to Company Parties, Cruise Ships, Large Banquets, Awards Ceremonies, and HUGE BLOWOUTS! Recommended for 200+ Guests) For when you need the BIG GUNS!

Close Up Magic

Vegas-being-personalCreate a memory that lasts a lifetime as mini-miracles occur right under their noses. Most people have never seen a professional magician (Or one they liked) This is your opportunity to turn a Banquet, Restaurant, Hospitality Suite, Private Party, Meet and Greet, Golf Outing, or any other event where people tend to congregate in smaller groups, into an INSTANT modern-classic! Incredible feats of prestidigitation with Cards, Coins, Watches, Rings, Strings, and pretty much anything else, including Mental Miracles! (Recommended for ANY EVENT!)

Hypnosis – 


DON”T miss this! shriek in disbelief as your guests undergo honest-to-goodness out of BODY experiences! You’ll laugh as someone’s hand glues irremovably to their face, Freak out, as people forget their names, and… lose your mind when you witness the art of levitation to life with ONLY THE POWER OF THE MIND! Joey hopper has been honing his brand of hypnosis for years, and what you’ve just read doesn’t even scratch the surface of the Amazing Hypnosis features of Joey Hopper’s Loosing Control: A Hypnotic Journey!

Escape Artistry



is Joey Hopper’s “Ode to Houdini”! This set is a masterpiece of some of the greatest escapes ever performed by the most famous magician of all time! (Houdini for now… But Joey’s workin’ on it!) Infused with that Joey Hopper brand of comedy (You know, the kind that everyone actually finds funny) you CANNOT go wrong with this one. If you want the Best of the Jest, here it is! And, all rolled into some of the most devastating and dramatic effects of all time, made famous by the master himself! (Recommended for any event that needs to be knocked OUT of the park!)

…And, Other Various Circus Skills!




Joey Hopper, professional magician, has been flooring audiences since his first appearance on Planet Earth 20-something years ago!Joey has been a working magician for 15 years, and has thrilled audiences from all over the world doin’ his thang!

In 2007, Joey Hopper founded WhatAnAct Entertainment, a premier entertainment company offering high-impact, Vegas-quality entertainment to clients anywhere in the world!

Joey Hopper is passionate about making people laugh, smile, and enjoy their life-experiences at the highest level possible, and ever since his fourth birthday (when he asked for a deck of cards) he has discovered just how to do that! Whether you’re looking for intimate entertainment for a special event, in need of an extraordinary Live-Marketer at your next trade show, or you want to max out the entertainment value at your fair or festival, Joey Hopper is The Man Behind The Magic of making your next event a smashing success!

FREE Show!


Here’s Where to Look!

Joey Hopper-Performer


For a limited time, you’ll gasp in amazement, and laugh til’ it hurts at the awe-inspiring show; FREEDOM: by Joey Hopper, in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! The unbelievable act that you’ll behold is a condensed version of the FREEDOM escape artistry stage set that put Joey Hopper on the map as an entertainer! It usually runs 35-45 minutes, and it is the MOST INSANELY FUNNY Escape Artistry Show on Earth!To witness what some are calling, The Best of the Jest, simply stroll down the Fremont Street Experience Mall, and look for all the people having a great time on the street! Joey likes to bring together a few hundred of his closest friends and tell a few jokes on the street when he’s not otherwise engaged delighting private audiences. So, come on down, look for the straitjacket and chains, laugh your head off, and enjoy, : It’s the best show in Vegas that money can’t buy! (…it may be the only one?)


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